Survival of the Fittest

I took a self-defense class today.  A good investment for a rainy, Sunday afternoon if you ask me. 

My husband and I like to hit and wrestle each other (not hard, and playfully of course)…actually, more like he likes to show me whatever cool lock GSP had on whatever UFC fighter he contended with the other night.  [Sigh]…GSP…What a hottie…Oh, sorry.  Got lost in a dream world for a bit. 

Anyway, even though we just play around, he sometimes grabs me and then asks me, “What would you do if some guy grabbed you like this?  How would you get out of it?”  And all I can do is flail my arms around and squirm.  Not very effective.  And I know, this is not a good thing.  Hence, the self-defense class today.

We learned about being aware of our environment, aware of verbal and non-verbal cues from others, and aware of what tips us off.  We also learned some very useful ways to get out of certain grips and situations when being threatened by an attacker.

I’m a petite person.  If a 6’2″ monster is grabbing me by the shoulders, there is no way in hell I am going to be able to get all J-Lo in “Enough” on his ass.  Nor should I expect or try to.  The point is to “stun and run.”  Get out of the grip, hit or kick him where it counts, and get the hell out of there to safety. 

As was taught to us, it’s not about strength, but about being simple and smart.  But, if there are any factors that can work towards my favor should I ever find myself in the situation where I need to defend myself or my loved ones, I’m going to make damn sure I do what I need to do to get those factors working in my favor.  What I’m trying to say is, as J-Lo did, I’m going to become as strong as I can be.  I’m going to become as fast as I can be.  I’m going to become as alert and alive as I can be.

I’m going to prepare myself.  Not that I expect or want to attract being in that situation.  But I should have the tools, the knowledge, and the awareness should I ever need it. 

This weekend I recognized another reason I do what I do – another reason I try to eat well, exercise regularly, and take care of my body in general.  Not just to look good, not just so I can run a marathon if I choose to, and not just so I can have a sense of achievement.  So I can hit hard, so I can kick hard, and so I can run like hell to protect myself.

Whatever your reasons are, add that one to your list.

*If you live in the Seattle Metropolitan area and are interested in taking a self-defense course, contact Kamara’s Harmonizing Martial Arts at 206-265-2957 or

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3 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Self defense is a great idea as long as it is a survival/military based program…not a facility based on sport. Ive seen a lot of women waste money on martial arts classes, thinking that they are going to be able to defend themselves on the street

  2. Just saw that you have me on your blogroll (MOVEment) – thanks!! I’m still new to the blogging scene so it’s probably taken me forever to realize that…

    And I’m sure my husband can totally relate to how you feel being married to a trainer. lol

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Emily,

    Hope you don’t mind I added you without asking first! Your blogs seem to resonate with a lot of my views regarding fitness, nutrition, mindset, etc, and I really appreciate your perspective on those things.

    I’m new to the blogging scene too, so I’m still trying to figure things out as well. 🙂

    Keep your posts coming!

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