30 Blocks? No Problem.

Hi all,  I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  And I promise I’ll post Part 2 of my “Eating in a Pickle” series this weekend.  I haven’t posted because I’ve been too busy gallavanting around New York City!  So I’m a West Coast girl, and I’d say a city girl (farms and forests are quite foreign to me even though I live very close to both), but this is my first time to this great city called the Big Apple.

And what a city it is!  I’m only here for a few days for work, and although I unfortunately have to sit in a classroom all day, I fortunately get to play at night.  I experienced Times Square, Central Park, Macy’s holiday window displays, Radio City Music Hall, NBC, Carnegie Hall etc. all in one walk! 

My friend told me that you can walk 30 blocks in Manhattan, and it feels like nothing.  She was surely right because I literally walked from Macy’s on 34th all the way up to 67th in the Upper West Side, and looped around quite a bit.  And it really felt like nothing.  Although we did take a break to marvel at the crowds of people surrounding Rockefellar Plaza due to the tree lighting tonight.  Talk about crazy!

So anyway, I got a nice, brisk walk in today for some physical activity after sitting on my you-know-what all day in a hot classroom with no windows.  My nutrition while I’ve been here hasn’t been bad.  I’m technically not on vacation, so I can’t throw out all my rules of thumb out the window.  Tuna steak and greens and a yummy hot tea called “Once Upon a Tea” (red rooibos tea with dark chocolate, vanilla, and mint hints) at a cute little joint in Tribeca.  But sometime this week, I do need to utilize my 10% cheat rule and try a famous slice of NY pizza. 🙂

Anyway, cheers, and I’ll post Part 2 of “Eating in a Pickle” when I get home.  Ciao!

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