Time to Change It Up and Get My 15 Minutes of Fitness


Whew!  Just got done working out.  That was one of the toughest 15 minutes I’ve ever lived through.

I’m starting a new program by who else – my husband.  (Why would I train with anyone else?)  It’s merely 15 minutes.  But let me tell you, it’s a tough 15 minutes.  He’s big on getting fit without spending hours in the gym.  He’s always told me that you should never have to spend more than an hour there.  My average workout time is around half an hour – 45 minutes if I throw in some cardio intervals.  One hour max when I do his Saturday morning fitcamps.

But this time, I’m getting it done in 15 minutes, and at home nonetheless.  Although I do need to go to the gym once in a while to sport my cute new workout clothes.  My husband got me a really cute jacket from Lululemon and some reversible workout pants for Christmas.  Yes! 2 in 1!(Yes, I’m one of THOSE people…you know, the ones who wear color-coordinated outfits to the gym.  But I DON”T put on makeup to go to the gym, unlike some people I know.  That’s just ridiculous if you ask me.) 

Anyway, today we used resistance bands connected to the door and a sandbag.  That’s it – nothing fancy.  Who said you need fancy equipment to get fit?  He has a couple “quick fix” workouts posted on his website, http://www.element5fitness.com.  Scroll about halfway down, and they’re posted on the right-hand side.

I’m also putting more focus on my nutrition again.  (Yes, during the holidays I did let myself indulge a little bit.)  One of my goals for this year is to educate myself more on nutrition for healthy living.  I want to combine one of my passions – yummy food – with eating in a way that supports a healthy, fit lifestyle without sacrificing the God-given gift of taste and occasional, planned indulgence (i.e. indulgence that doesn’t take advantage of an undisciplined mind).  Who says you can’t have it all? 🙂

I’d love to hear from you if you’re changing things up with the New Year as well!  There’s nothing like change to get you motivated and moving again!

8 thoughts on “Time to Change It Up and Get My 15 Minutes of Fitness

  1. Your puppy in your avatar is sooo cute! I want one!

    I’m liking my first day of my new routine :). Definitely changing things up. 15 min can be killer! I’ll have to check that out on his site.

    • @forthelifeofme – Thanks! He’s my baby. 🙂 Pugs are the best. They’ve got such crazy personalities.

      I’m curious to see how you like Enter the Kettlebell. Good luck with your new routine! Feel free to check out my hubby’s site. I think he’s planning on posting some of the workouts from his new program sometime in the future.

    • Hi Ladlam – Yup, working out pretty hard. It’s basically a circuit with each set going pretty much to failure and only 10 seconds rest in between each set. You’d be amazed at how hard 15 minutes can be!

  2. For “yummy food – with eating in a way that supports a healthy, fit lifestyle without sacrificing the God-given gift of taste”, we often go to cooking light magazines or online (www.cookinglight.com). I’ve found lots of their recipes have tons of flavor and good nutrition and most importantly for me, are often pretty quick to make. Their recipes even satisfy my gourmet/gourmand husband’s tastes.

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