About the Fitness Wife

FitnessWifeI often say being married to a personal trainer is like being the First Lady.  Like people expect the First Lady to be a a philanthropic politician, people expect me to be fit.  If I’m not, it means my husband doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Pressure?  Just a little.

There are many assumptions people make about a personal trainer’s wife – that I’ve always been fit, that I know just as much about fitness as my husband does, and that I work out every day and eat healthy all the time.  Are the assumptions true?  Some are, some aren’t.   Am I fit?  I think I can say yes.  Have I always been fit?  That’s an emphatic hell no.

I may be married to fitness, but just like you, I often feel lost in a world of low carb vs. low fat, cardio vs. weightlifting, and yoga vs. pilates. So I’ll also share with you what I’ve learned so far, what I’ve found works and doesn’t work for me, and what I’m still trying to figure out.

My fitness philosophies are centered around whole-body wellness, encompassing mind, body, and spirit.   I firmly believe that your body can’t be truly fit without nurturing the mind and spirit, and vice versa.  So my posts are filled with a variety of information – workout tips, motivational ideas, mindset issues, nutrition concepts, and living life with passion and purpose.

Unlike many fitness websites, I’ll offer you a  “real person’s” perspective.  Not from some fitness junkie with some fancy degree and certification. But since my husband is one of those, he wouldn’t let me post anything that is harmful or inaccurate.

So for those of you who either love or hate meeting with your trainer for an hour a week or however often you see him or her, I hear you.  I live with mine.  This is my Life as a Fitness Wife.

The Fitness Wife (a.k.a Julie Acda) is married to Rommel Acda – personal trainer, Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, and co-founder of Element 5 Fitness LLC, a Bellevue, WA-based fitness company.  View Rommel’s blogs at http://www.lifeinflow.com and http://www.fitinahurry.com.

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